My Last Post…

Hello everyone, I know I haven’t been posting anything these days but as you may already know I am in 6th grade so we were in the minister exams (we are not finished all of them but we are finishing them this week. today I will not be writing one of my usual happy posts because this might be my last post EVER! We are approaching the end of the year and we have lots of activities planned for the last weeks of school (2 weeks left of school!)Anyways getting to the point this post is a blog review. I will be going through my blog looking for improvement or even regrets I have.

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Success Is…

success-quotes-for-best-collections-of-success-quotes-2015-16Success. Success is a word that means a lot, and that has different meanings for everyone. What is success in general? What does success mean to me? What is the key to success? Why do we deserve success? What are the qualities to attain success? those are some of the questions  I ask myself when I think about success.

In general most people think of success when they win first place in something or when do something hard, but honestly To me  Success isn’t always or only about winning its also about improving in Continue reading

Zoom Out

mercedes beachI could feel the wet warm sand between my toes as a gentle wave tickled my feet softly. Bubbles, they seemed to appear from nowhere, flew by me…


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Must Go Places In Quebec! Challenge 4

la rondeHey everyone, today I will be doing a post on must go places if you ever go to Quebec. First things first I wanted to let you know that the places I will be talking about are only found in Quebec, you might have seen similar places but you will not find the exact place anywhere else.

First place I would want to talk about is La Ronde. La Ronde is an attraction park in Montreal, Quebec. La Ronde is part of six fags and six flags is all over the world that’s why I wanted to say La Ronde was part of it because maybe  you have heard of six flags. Personally I find  at La  Ronde the best roller coasters are probably the goliath, Le monstre and the splash. Almost every year they add a roller coaster but never get rid of the old ones. The best time to go at La Ronde is probably for Halloween because there are all different themes to scare you. Sometimes there will be someone dressed as a maniac stalking you but the more you show  you are scared the more they will follow you.


The next place I would recommend to go is skiing at Bromont.Bromont is probably the best place to go skiing in Quebec I  mean there are a lot of places to go but Bromont is the biggest and the must fun  to go. Obviously you have to go during winter so between December and march. I started going to Bromont when I was really young and I still go whenever I go skiing.




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I hope if you ever come to quebec you visite one of those places at least!

New Widgets! | Challenge 4!

79cf2b46fd84bebb8a8a605b7f80a3c1Hey everyone!

I wanted to let you know that today I was doing part of challenge 4 and it was about technology, I had to install 2 widgets. The first widget is a world clock. It show’s you the time in different country’s. Personally I don’t think its `practical ‘ but its fun. the second is a world map, it shows where the visitors were when they visited your site(the country and province).if you want to download it too here are the links:

flag counter:

world clock:

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What Frustrates Me ! | Challenge 3

f6878539136752df6f59bbd305997f55Hello everyone today I am doing a post inspired by , it’s gonna be about what frustrates or irritates me the most.

The first thing that really frustrates me is abuse in all ways possible (animal abuse mental abuse etc.)

Another thing is when someone texts you and you respond right away but apparently they faint from excitement or something because they don’t answer for hours!

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I’m Back!

2D1FD62300000578-0-image-m-49_1444083303065Hello everyone!

I know I haven’t been posting for like a week but as a lot of you may know it was March break so we  had a week without school.Now (you probably realized by now )I’m back at school sitting in the computer lab typing this post.I wish I was still at home watching TV,eating junk food…Anyway I’m back and I’ll be writing some more posts!

Now I’ll write about what I did i sat in my bed eating ice cream, watching TV and playing on my phone…maybe next march break ill do something productive (probably not but I feel less guilty when i write this). Anyway thanks for reading!

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